Name: Ian
Age: 23
Food: Yes
Music: Morcheeba

Things I enjoy:
League of Legends
Concept Art

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Well well WELL I got tagged by Ali to do the 10 music thing, no skipping! Lemme just..get open my itunes annnnd… There! Let’s rock!

(God I hope my music isn’t embarrassing)

Ben Benjamin- Squirmy Sign Language
Tegan and Sara- Night Watch
Infected Mushroom- Jeenge
Cake- Never There
Neuroticfish- They’re coming to take me away
Renard- Bumblefuck
Homestuck(?)- Genesis
Machinae Supremacy- Winterstorm
N.E.X.T- Take the Pain
Tsunami Bomb- My Machete

Could have been way worse!

I tag maboroshitira theglittercrayon sandrock takayababy